It was generally assumed that CryptonightR didn’t have ASICs or FPGAs mining it, but it turned out to be wrong. Facts:

– After Monero forked to RandomX, all coins on CryptonightR got a spike in hashrate and became unprofitable. Even Vega GPUs are far in the negative zone. This hashrate spike didn’t go away even now, after 1.5 months.

– Sumokoin nonce distribution chart (red line marks Monero RandomX fork): 

– one picture speaks a thousand words. Immediately after Monero’s fork, Sumokoin’s pattern changed from normal GPU mining pattern to something entirely different.

Morale of the story? Old Cryptonight is no longer a viable algorithm, no matter how many tweaks are applied to it.

Edit: same chart with Sumokoin network hashrate on top of it: 


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