As monero network upgrade gets closer (November 30), it is important to test before upgrade. If you have a rig, feel free to try these testnet pools:


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  1. I am a miner who is using supportXMR mainnet pool now. I replace the current url of “” with the testnet pool of “” in my xmrig3.2.0 config.json file, which is running OK with my current params of address/username, password, rig-id, blablabla… and run the start.cmd.
    oops, the console window says: [] error: “Invalid payment address provided”, code: -1
    I don’t get it. Do I need to change some params for my current address or what? Thank you for your help in advance.

  2. And I try as well, which gave me the following feedback:
    [] connect error: “connection timed out”
    [] connect error: “invalid state: 5”

    Only works, and I got around 8400 Hashrate for my TR2920X rig.

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