1. I am a miner who is using supportXMR mainnet pool now. I replace the current url of “” with the testnet pool of “” in my xmrig3.2.0 config.json file, which is running OK with my current params of address/username, password, rig-id, blablabla… and run the start.cmd.
    oops, the console window says: [] error: “Invalid payment address provided”, code: -1
    I don’t get it. Do I need to change some params for my current address or what? Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. Hi, I mined on using a regular monero address (95 characters long) with no problem.
      Are you using a integrated monero address (106 chars long) or an address with payment id appended?

      1. The only monero address that I know is 95 characters long, and I’m using it.

        I saw there is a payment id appended instruction on the “help section” page of, but I have no idea where to find that id. Plus, I remember seeing that payment id will be out of date in the upcoming 0.15 official GUI wallet.

        Have you tried I tried but it gave me the following feedback:
        [] connect error: “connection timed out”
        [] connect error: “invalid state: 5”

        1. Tested mining on with xmr regular address and no problem.

          For supportXMR’s testnet, you need and testnet address to mine like: 9u95u5Ri1X9JP6Goznk2zJC5SAxsnXA7L57EbeMvyY57g3wzJgAp29cShBnVuN4SfY9xC5oqjzQcQT9rpWgxcA4H6cSeXvq

          Explanation from supportXMR’s pool admin:

 working well too.

          1. Thanks a lot for your effort and quick response 🙂

            I used the testnet address you’ve provided above and got the 8488H/s at the top and around 8200H/s at average for my TR2920X rig, working @ 3.9GHz with 16G * 4 DDR4-3333. It’s slightly lower than the “” testnet, but generally at the same level.

            It’s interesting that AMD launched their AM4 flagship R9-3950X and new TR3960X/3970X last week and they’ll be available on Nov 25th, just before Monero’s mainnet shifting to RandomX on Nov 30th. By Pure Coincidence?

            Plus, the new 6C/12T 3600/3600X have 32MB L3, which is as twice as the old 8C/16T’s 2700/2700X(only 16MB), that makes the new Zen2 R5 models even performe a little better than the old Zen+ R7 models, not to mention Intel’s i5 and i7 models with tiny tiny 9~12MB L3 cache.

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