AMD kicks some serious ass with EPYC 7742: 128C/256T destroys Cinebench world record

Cinebench Benchmark

AMD is having a big show this year at IBC 2019, with their new EPYC ‘Rome’ CPU demolishing some world records in V-Ray and Cinebench. The big surprise here would definitely have to be Cinebench R20, with dual AMD EPYC 7742 processors hitting a new world record with 31,913. A single EPYC 7742 has 64C/128T so the dual EPYC 7742 processor pack a huge 128C/256T.

Compared to the Xeon Platinum 8168 processor and its 48C/96T with its 16,536 — the dual EPYC 7742 rig rips it to shreds with 31,913. Hell, the single AMD EPYC 7742 beats it with 20,645. If you look down the list, right down the list, an Intel Core i7-7700K scores 2420 to give you some perspective.

V-Ray Benchmark

It’s great to see those big blue balls being kicked right now, with AMD seemingly easily smashing world records with its new EPYC 7742 chips


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