MoneroMixer is a program to help you anonymously exchange XMR, and 100+ alt coins on Tails OS or Whonix. It creates a Monero wallet that you can deposit to and withdraw from though non-KYC exchanges so that the coins you withdraw cannot be linked to the coins you deposited. No personal information is required whatsoever. And now you can use it on (almost) any OS easily!

What’s new in this update?

  • Easy (Automatic) setup now works on Whonix, and Ubuntu! Users on (almost) all 64bit systems, can now easily setup MoneroMixer and create a wallet by simply copy and pasting a line of code. Just like on Tails as shown in the video on my original post.
  • All python requests now include a randomly selected user agent in their header, allow_redirects is set to false, and timeout after 30 seconds per the suggestions of /u/dsc__
  • An update utility is now available in the utilities menu so user’s can update their MoneroMixer and monero-wallet-cli software to the lastest version without having to manually copy over pre-existing wallets. The update feature must be manually selected by the user so that this feature can never be used to update a user’s MoneroMixer setup with malicious code.
  • The option to Enter the Monero Wallet CLI is now also available in the utilities menu so users can easily access the full features available within the Monero CLI if neccessary, without having to worry about starting it with torsocks, a remote-daemon, –no-dns flags, etc.
  • The “Error: No withdrawal options” bug mentioned by /u/TheWubMunzta that sometimes occured when withdrawing only XMR has now been fixed properly. The issue was caused by the ticker of TrueChain which was added to Godex a few days ago. The ticker “TRUE” caused this coin to always be selected when passed to the zenity –list dialog used to select coins causing it to return incorrect selections.

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